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Pink Noise, a digital performance by Francesca Fini

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Francesca Fini guides you to discover Pink Noise, an interactive and participatory live art experience in video streaming. A clay head depicting Venus is passed through a 3D scanner and transformed into its electronic simulacrum. This digital wreck, disembodied and dematerialized, becomes the starting point for a net-performance art piece that reflects on the time in which we live: between intermittent lockdown, fear of contact, Hikikomori syndrome, crushed femininity in video delay.

The performance will take place on the new De-Pink Platform, created by the artist herself. A new counter-virus that expands the margins of your media-player for a leap into the deep pink. Digital surrealism made of augmented reality, interactive video, and a platform specially designed by the artist for a new form of online performative experimentation await you. A kawaii bluesy bulimic interface, plump like an emoji blowing a flashing kiss, sweet and slippery like a bitcoin in free fall. The recorded performance is available here: www.de-pink.com/shows

Pink Venus interactive digital performance by Francesca Fini

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