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Francesca Fini | Pink Noise second edition!

Pink Noise by Francesca Fini interactive digital show 35 minutes, with English subtitles

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This is the second session of an experimental virtual performance that debuted on the de-pink platform on March 7, 2021, involving more than 150 people. New interaction scenarios and devices will open on 9 April. A clay head of Venus is passed through a 3D scanner and transformed into its electronic simulacrum. This digital wreck, disembodied and dematerialized, becomes the starting point of participatory performance, web-based, i.e. based on the network language, where the artist, constantly interacting with the public, reflects on the time in which we live: between intermittent lockdown, fear to breathe, Hikikomori syndrome, contactless relationships and crushed femininity in the video delay.

During the performance, which begins with a surreal monologue on the concept of Beauty (which today is a 'filter' for mobile '), the audience is invited live to move to four different rooms/environments of the platform, very graphically characterized, where they are encouraged to interact in real-time with the performance thanks to a series of devices made available by the artist, such as an audio mixer, an application for augmented reality, up to being able to intervene directly in the show thanks to a videoconference connection.

Francesca Fini | Pink Noise second edition
Francesca Fini | Pink Noise second edition

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