• Francesca Fini

De-Pink Augmented Reality Sculptures

De-Pink is experimental digital shows and their collectible relics. An online store on the platform will promote the sale of the relics produced by all the De-Pink digital shows and streaming performances. These items (either digital or material) will be digitally processed and then registered into the blockchain to achieve a certain and permanent authentication that will be then transferred to the collector upon purchase. In this way, De-Pink also becomes the first decentralized performance art platform thanks to the confluence in the blockchain. In the immediate future, we believe that this will allow De-Pink to support itself and also become a real production platform.


De-Pink offers you today three variants of Francesca Fini's Augmented Reality Venus, produced during her streaming digital performance Pink Noise, through the manipulation and re-working of the 3D scan of a plaster reproduction of Venus de Milo's head. The artwork wants conceptually to become the digital equivalent of the classic material find: an electronic, non-finished relic, fixed forever in the blockchain. The print contains the QR-Code activating the augmented reality experience that allows you to visualize the virtual sculpture in your own space.

The collection is available in a limited edition on Saatchiart.

AUGMENTED REALITY VENUS Limited edition of 10

Variants: Pink, Green, Blue Size: 50cm X 70cm​ Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper Each limited edition copy is numbered, signed by the artist, and travels with an authenticity certificate encrypted and securely recorded permanently on the blockchain through Verisart.

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